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Anna, how do you find all these people? Let's fly him out to Indy ASAP. He is an expert in HH Pharma (I learned a lot on the call). He could really hit the ground running.
~Bob, CEO Memphis TN

One of your biggest advantages as a "small house" is your personalized approach. You "personally recruit and screen every candidate" presented. I hope other Managers realize the importance you place on finding the right candidate for the right position.
~Sam, Western Regional Manager

Anna, would you mind helping me find a candidate in Omaha - Sure enjoy working with you. ~Kent T., Director of Sales, KS

You've always sent me great candidates, you know the criteria... looking for your expertise for this next go around. ~Mike S. Regional Manager, Delaware

It appears that you have found a great deal of good talent in a difficult market. Nice Job.
~Ed K., Director of Sales, NJ


I bet you are one of the most successful recruiters ever! You seem to be working all of the time and have such great leads. I do know a lot of people since I've been in sales for a long time, and you are right, networking is really the best way for anyone to find a job. I've actually helped a lot of my friends find jobs, which is so fulfilling to me. One of the hardest things is to find out about opportunities, and to find a good recruiter to work with, so I'm really glad that you contacted me! Thanks again!
~Lourie, Biotech Specialist Atlanta GA

You are an angel among the heavens! Thanks,
~Rick P., Hospital Rep Northwest Indiana

You truly went the extra mile for me. Thank You. I will be one of the few you can proudly say that YOU recruited. Thanks again.
~Ray B., Medical Sales, Chicago

As you can expect I have been contacted by several recruiters since 01/11/03. None of them go the distance like you have and that is why I am putting forth the extra effort not only for myself, but for you. Thank you for all of your assistance. It is most appreciated.
~Bill F., Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Philadelphia

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